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Pryv for pharmaceuticals and CROs

Pryv for pharmaceuticals and CROs
With, you can design your own digital health technologies for patient-centric clinical trials and patient support programs. Our tools have been developed to enable you to collect heterogeneous, real-world data. With, you can ensure that your patient programs are compliant and built with limited upfront and operational costs.

Customize the features of your RWE platform and increase data reliability by collecting enriched data sets for your study, and then contextualize your patients’ personal and lifestyle data to gain a deeper insight into their journey. enables you to transform real-world data into evidence to improve outcomes for patients, investigators and sponsors. enables you to…

…improve patient recruitment and retention.

…run multiple clinical trials at once.

…build your own compliant RWE digital platforms.

…establish trust to foster long-term relationships with patients.

…benefit from a compliant data usage strategy.

…maximize your return on investment and reduce overall costs.

Case study

Technology to help clinical trials go digital

The story

A CRO company wanted to conduct an e Clinical trial and the study involved an exchange of data between multiple stakeholders

The challenge

There are key fundamental needs for clinical and personal data management that need to be addressed in the development of a compliant eClinical trial and compliant usage of RWE early on in the process. These underlying needs include data continuity and technical interoperability, encrypted transmission and safe storage of the data, and proper data segregation.

The solution handled the legal and IT data management challenges and presented a solution that worked with external algorithms to securely store patients’ personal medical and non-medical data. then contextualized and segregated the heterogeneous data so investigators, physicians and research organizations could analyze and use what they needed.

The outcome

By using for capturing, contextualization and usage of patient’s personal, real-world data, the CRO can:

  • ensure compliant integration and usage of enriched patient’s data;
  • improve data availability;
  • perform the projected Research,General, non interventional clinical trials and Postmarketing Studies based on real-world patient data.

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