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Developed with a privacy-by-design approach, meets the requirements established by strict privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and SaMD. The decentralized design of our ehealth middleware ensures that it meets the standards of other governmental or company-wide legislations and policies regarding sensitive data as well. From the beginning, the middleware was built to work with medical devices and integrates easily with existing systems software. can be used to not only fully manage your device’s data, but also enrich it with data from multiple systems, devices and tools in order to ensure the compliant remote monitoring of patients. is…

…ready to be used with medical devices and systems.

…a solution highly adaptable to your medical device business.

…complete with documentation to fit your QMS.

…compliant on a global scale, so you can distribute your devices worldwide.

Case study

Pryv & DomoSafety: Maximize Clinical Workflow Efficiencies across The Continuum of care

The story

DomoSafety’s solution DomoMedical aggregates patient data from multiple sources and connects both client and external vendor technology solutions: environmental information, medical devices, clinical information. It correlates and analyses, in real time, data from behavioral daily activities and medical devices. Their analytics engine learns from the pattern of each user to personalize each service. Based on our expertise of the home care ecosystem we deliver personalized services to our partners and their patients. In order to distill the information, health professionals needed in a simple and intuitive format.

The challenge

For DomoMedical, DomoSafety has to enable the compliant collection of heterogenous personal data (including clinical, medical, environment data) and share it with a proper consent management with healthcare professionals and researchers.

Identified challenges: data contextualization; data sharing; consent management.

The solution

Pryv proposed DomoSafety to use under licensing agreement, a Swiss-made data and privacy management software solution(Middleware). allows easy integration of any heterogenous data. Its data model structure allows the data to be easily arranged into interoperable and contextualized structure. The privacy-by-design approach and the data ownership-centricity of ensures granular data sharing capabilities, so data can be easily shared with an implemented consent management.

The outcome

DomoSafety can rely on a validated data management foundation for DomoMedical and confidently propose their solution for “Clinical Workflow Efficiencies across The Continuum of care” , including:

  • Simplified data analysis with the support of personalized algorithms = facilitated medical data analysis;
  • Fully adaptable solutions to patient journey, from prevention to medical monitoring (chronic diseases);
  • User-friendly caregiver interface;
  • Discrete environmental sensors and qualified connected devices;
  • Customizable platform for clinical studies and research programs;
  • Episodic or continuous remote care;

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