Insurance and InsurTech

Pryv for InsurTech

With, you can improve risk profiling and customer satisfaction while you reduce costs. Our software allows you to design your own InsurTech IoT platforms where your customers can collect and exchange with you any type of personal data. Use as a foundation to build internal and external data platforms, create your own user-friendly dashboards to analyze your consumer’s behavior, and design innovative products with sustainable business models. can help you…

…boost consumer awareness to increase engagement.

…adopt data innovation with a controlled risk.

…improve risk profiling based on aggregated data.

…test DaaS business models to enhance added value and offer the best customer experience.

…gain a competitive advantage and launch your product on the market within days.

…scale-up your InsurTech products and introduce them to global markets.

Case study

Lausanne, August 16, 2018 — HealthyHealth, the leading UK-based InsurTech solution provider, has chosen Pryv to strengthen its breakthrough preventive healthcare system with rigorous GDPR compliance and seamless wearables/devices connectivity. The integration of is designed to meet the increasing demands from customers and regulatory body for more transparent and trustworthy management of sensitive personal information.