About Pryv

People are
at Pryv’s core

Pryv CEO Pierre-Mikael Legris has always been a passionate entrepreneur and problem solver. The Swiss-French computer engineer founded his own startup and was designing custom software solutions when he was diagnosed with leukemia. For the next six years, he experienced extreme health conditions, consulted and tracked. Pierre-Mikael kept track of everything from his vitals to his emotions and working hours. He was determined to give his doctors all the data he could, and the information he shared with his medical team helped them make decisions that improved his quality of life and changed the course of his health. Today, he is a survivor and he is an advocate for life data integration as a key success factor in personalized and precision medicine.

Pierre-Mikael’s experience led him to establish Pryv with two other founders – Simon Goumaz and Frederic Mauch – in 2012. At that time, Pryv developed a product that individuals could use to track their information and data, and share it with the people in their lives – doctors, coaches and family. In 2014, Evelina Georgieva joined Pierre-Mikael and Simon as a co-founder of Pryv Business Solutions, bringing her experience in business growth and eHealth to the table. With her input, Pryv began offering B2B solutions and established a new business strategy that has made Pryv’s advanced technology invaluable for a range of industries. What the founders learned in the business’ early stages have helped Pryv become what it is today and guide it to where it’s going in the future.